Let's see, I was born in Houston, Texas in 1965, and spent formative years in Alaska, Ohio, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Norway. In 1982, I edited and published the first issue of BLATCH, a punk rock and graphics zine which lasted 14 issues and ceased publication in 1988-- I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma, which I received in 1986-- I moved to Seattle, Washington in 1987, and worked a number of jobs, including: negative retoucher at a print shop, cover artist for books & CDs & records, editorial illustrator for magazines, copy shop geek, technical illustrator, comic book artist, silkscreen poster artist, logo designer & art director for Fantagraphics Books, and inker for Peter Bagge's lauded HATE comic series. Since 2003, I've dedicated most of my time to large scale graphic art paintings, and commissioned portraits--