Neon Borgnine

Acrylic on 30 x 24 inch stretched canvas— First and perhaps LAST attempt at rendering a halftone, oy—

Portland State College 1959

Decoupage/acrylic on 24 x 24 inch cradled panel– I was shooting for a Mid-Century Modern color scheme— Photos were cut from a yearbook—

Checker Warp Nos. 2 and 3

Op Art paintings on 24 x 24 inch cradled panel– Medium is Golden’s new SoFlat acrylic—

Uncle Fester

Commissioned acrylic portrait of Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester from TV’s The Addams Family– 8 x 8 inches on cradled panel, with Culture Hustle’s “LIT” glow powder added to the light bulb–

Brothers And Mothers

Stoked to announce that my new portraits collection, BROTHERS AND MOTHERS, is now available for pre-order from Fantagraphics and Amazon– 144-page hardcover with an introduction by George Pelecanos– Out in May 2023! Pre-order from Fantagraphics here— Pre-order from Amazon here— Pre-order a signed copy from my web store here

Squiggle Flame Devil

Acrylic painting on 20 x 24 inch cradled panel– Color part is Golden SoFlat fluorescent acrylics with tar gel squiggles, black & white is Culture Hustle Black 3.0 and White 2.0– (Photo is a straight shot from my wife’s iPhone 11 and hasn’t been adjusted, except for cropping)

Erin Gray

Commissioned painting of actress Erin Gray from the TV show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century— Acrylic on 24 x 24 inch stretched canvas—

The Divine Equation

Book cover for The Divine Equation by old pal Damon Eaves– Ink and white gouache on bristol board–

Ronnie Spector

Commissioned painting of singer Ronnie Spector— Acrylic on 14 x 18 inch panel—

Squiggle Dobbs

Commissioned acrylic painting of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs of The Church of the Subgenius, 9 x 12 inches on cradled panel– The colored squiggles are fluorescent Clear Tar Gel, the black is Culture Hustle Black 3.0, “the world’s densest acrylic black”–

Tippi Hedren

Commissioned painting of Tippi Hedren from The Hitchcock film The Birds— Acrylic on cradled 14 x 18 inch panel—

Psychedelic Wild Bunch

Psychedelic Wild Bunch, left to right: Ben Johnson, Warren Oates, William Holden, Ernest Borgnine– Acrylic on stretched canvas, 30 x 40 inches–


Commissioned ink portrait of Omar the Royal Frenchel—

Jack Endino’s Set Myself On Fire

I did the cover art for Architect of Grunge Jack Endino’s new release Set Myself On Fire— Another great rocker from Jack, get the LP or CD in a variety of formats from the Capacitor Records website here— Check out Jack’s Bandcamp page here

A Tribe Of One— Ryan C. Reviews Primitiva

Ryan Carey wrote a thoughtful review of my recent book Primitiva for his excellent comics review blog Four Color Apocalypse— Read it here— Buy a copy of the book from the publisher, Noreah/Brownfield, here

Waylon Jennings

Graphite late 60s-era Waylon Jennings (grey background is acrylic)– Buy the original art here

Salvador Dalí

Commissioned ink portrait of legendary Surrealist Salvador Dalí— Buy a print here

Please, God- Help Me Be Normal!

I’ve been hankering to organize a collection of John Trubee’s obnoxious “ugly men” drawings for decades, and now it’s a reality— Published by John’s imprint Mucus House, this book is 164 pages and includes a John Trubee interview and essay by author Barry Alfonso— Back cover blurbs by Jello Biafra, Ivan Stang, Penn Jillette, and Peter Bagge– More info / buy one here

La Gazette De Nicole

I’m stoked to have 24 pages in the latest issue of Jean-Jacques Tachdjian’s amazing online art magazine La Gazette De Nicole— See it here

Walter Lure

Commissioned painting of Heartbreakers-era Walter Lure, who passed away in 2020– Acrylic on 18 x 24 inch stretched canvas–

Lynda Carter

Commissioned portrait of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman– Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24 x 24 inches–

James “Gonzo” Booker

Commissioned graphite and acrylic portrait of legendary keyboardist James “Gonzo” Booker, who Dr. John called “the best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever produced.” Buy a lovely giclée print here

“Please Add And Return” Card

Before & after shot of my final art work for 2020: a “PLEASE ADD & RETURN” card for Johnny Brewton’s  X-RAY BOOK & NOVELTY CO.– See their excellent wares here

Ozzy Osbourne

Commissioned ink portrait of Randy Rhoads-era Ozzy Osbourne– Get a print of this portrait here

Norman Vincent Peale

Acrylic portrait of Norman Vincent Peale for the latest issue of PMA magazine— All you need to know about PMA mag here— Buy the original portrait art here

Endino’s Earthworm Unearthed

Jack Endino thoroughly remixed his 1992 solo LP Endino’s Earthworm, and it sounds like a new record— He also added 30 more minutes of music and has re-christened it “Unearthed”— I updated my original cover art from orange to purple and added the new title on the worm— More info / hear it / buy it at Jack’s Bandcamp page—

Marley Shelton

Commissioned acrylic portrait of actress Marley Shelton from the Robert Rodriguez film Planet Terror, 24 x 24 inches on cradled panel—

Play At The Plate

“Play At The Plate”, acrylic on 30 x 40 inch stretched canvas– This painting is FOR SALE, message me for info–

Squiggle Neuman No. 2

Acrylic painting on 16 x 16 inch cradled panel– The colored squiggles are fluorescent Clear Tar Gel, the black is Culture Hustle Black 3.0, the flattest, densest acrylic black I’ve ever worked with–

Gordie Howe

Commissioned graphite portrait of hockey immortal Gordie Howe– Buy a limited edition giclée print of this art here